Happy Trails

Recent Rescues, continued


Little Tira was discovered with her mate and their four puppies, sheltering under a building. The whole family was placed in foster care, where all were able to blossom and thrive, including puppy Cannoli, below. All were soon adopted through Mountain Girl Rescue.

HOLY CANNOLI, HE’S CUTE (and, not surprisingly, adopted)!

As the story goes, two boys found these stray pups and took care of them in secret before they were brought to shelter and transported to Flagstaff. Now these handsome brothers are safe and growing up strong in their new adoptive homes.


When MGR founder Katie Harris heard reports of a stray seen foraging near a dumpster, she did some detective work and soon set out to find him. Before he knew it, Tommy was headed to his foster home in Flagstaff, smiling all the way. His winning personality and handsome grin led to his happy adoption.

Please check back soon for more Happy Trails!

RODEO, below, is a recent MGR adoptee, along with his four brothers and sisters.

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