Yogi’s Story

Kirby, a stray dog rescued by Holbrook Animal Control, found his perfect home, and his proper name, in a very unlikely place. Was it good karma?

When this low riding mix of who-knows-how-many breeds was picked up by Holbrook Animal Control for the second time, matted and odorous, he should have been pitiful. But volunteer Dani and the Holbrook Shelter staff were susceptible to his charm, and saw instantly that five year-old Kirby, as he was first called, was a diamond in the rough. Three weeks into his Holbrook stay, nobody had come to claim Kirby, and when Mountain Girl Rescue’s transport came to get him Pam, the driver, done in by this dog’s expressive face and calm, happy presence, asked Dani if Kirby could ride up front with her on the way to Flagstaff. Dani laughed and recommended that Pam’s windows be rolled down strategically so that Kirby’s fumes might vent out into the desert air, and they were on their way to foster Sarah’s place, with Kirby smiling all the way.

In the coming days, Sarah shared pictures of Kirby keeping her company as she worked from home. Meanwhile MGR Director Katie Harris was sorting through the many applications for Kirby’s adoption. The MGR team was not alone in recognizing his potential, but there was one very special Meet & Greet in store that would change Kirby’s name as well as his life.

When Katie took Kirby to Williams, to introduce this former stray to the residents of International Kadampa Retreat Center, the connection was instant. IKRC offers meditation classes, spiritual retreats, prayer sessions, and a wide range of teachings in Buddhism, hosting people and groups of all ages. Despite neglect, Kirby’s calm and open temperament endured. He kept his essential sweetness, and his stature will make him especially approachable to the young visitors.

Maybe it was the new “lion tail” groom, maybe it was the smile or the deep brown eyes or the crazy front feet. But Kirby is now Yogi, and his new home is with the people who’ll give him the care he has always deserved, in a place of peace, light, and love.

from neglected to cherished: Yogi one year after adoption
Yogi Living the Lucky Life

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