Happy Trails

Meet some of Mountain Girl’s Recent Adoptees
Please note: All of these Happy Trails Dogs have been ADOPTED.
Available dogs can be found on MGR’s Petfinder site.

Zeek and Company

Zeek, at right, with his bros
When Rachel and Jason applied to foster a puppy for Mountain Girl Rescue, they weren't expecting to fall so hard and fast for one who'd been abandoned in the Arizona desert with four siblings, all of them infested with ticks. But that's exactly what happened, and now "Fearless Zeek," the pup with "half a blue eye" and more than a few lovable quirks, is living the sweet life with Rachel, Jason, and their other two handsome canines. Zeek is a sunbather who also likes to play in the rain. He lies "across the back of my work chair like a cat," says Rachel. Of all the ways humans can fail, Foster Failing might be best. Right, Zeek?

“Spunky, Sassy, Smart as Heck.” That’s Kili!

Mountain Girl Rescue Dog Kili loves her outdoor romps, but even at 50 pounds she also likes to curl up and cuddle with humans. "Wicked smart" is how Lauryn describes her dog, and Kili has dramatic talent, too. "She howls when she's upset and wants to let you know it," says Lauryn, who along with her husband Nolan has been working on another form of expression with Kili, via speech buttons. That's right--this soon to be one-year-old pup now has a vocabulary of eight words, and has even begun to combine them in pairs. As motivated as she is to learn, however, Kili's educational goals don't keep her from getting frisky in hometown Flagstaff snow. Hey Kili, how do you say "Good Girl"?

Big Max is a Lover Boy

When you're a dog as big as Max, people don't expect you to be such a chill guy...Max's story next!

40, Forty, The Big Four-0. This big ol’ friendly fluff, pictured snoozing on right, was spotted this winter on the median of busy AZ Highway 40 by a compassionate trucker who coaxed him into his cab and delivered him to Holbrook Animal Control. This sweet boy was soon safe in foster with a Mountain Girl family, with adoption a step away.


Pretty Molly’s family wasn’t able to care for her properly, but with the help of the good folks at Holbrook Animal Control, she came up to Flagstaff via MGR, and was readily adopted into a wonderful family last fall.


Pauline is one of ten dogs rescued through MGR’s RezDog initiative. The Big Mountain dogs were cared for by a kind family who fed and sheltered them until they were transported to Flagstaff. All of the Big Mountain dogs, from Alvin to Roberta, are living with their new families including Pauline, who received the surgery needed for living her healthy new life.

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