Thank you for your donation!

Want to know how your donation will be used? 100% of the money you donate to Mountain Girl Rescue goes directly towards the care of animals in one form or another, since all of our team are volunteers.

Medical Care, Paperwork, and Foster Program

Mountain Girl Rescue is a foster-based rescue. That means that each dog we take in is properly vetted before it goes to a foster home. A local veterinary clinic performs a complete medical exam, and in addition to having spay/neuter surgery, every animal also receives the following inoculations:


Distemper/Parvo (puppies less than 12 weeks)

Distemper/Parvo/Lepto (puppies 12 weeks & older, and adult dogs)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Once an animal has been medically cleared and its paperwork is completed, it is ready for a foster family, who attends to all of its needs, including socialization. While in foster, animals are behavior-tested and and their level of compatibility with humans and other animals is determined. Basic training may be warranted depending on each animal’s needs. It is only after ALL of these things have been completed and processed that a dog becomes adoptable.

Happily Ever After

Thanks to our volunteers, and supporters like you, we save lives and help families find new members best-suited for them.